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Lavender hydrosol (flower water) is one of the the products created during the distillation of raw plant material. It is  known for its relaxing qualities. It has a gentle earthy aroma. It can be used as a facial toner.  Lavender hydrosol contains natural antimicrobial, pH balancing and anti-inflammatory properties to keep your skin beautifully refreshed.  You can use it in  a diffuser, to help you sleep, as a sheet spray, or air freshener. For more information please read our blog for many other uses of Hydrosol.

It is not for human consumption.

1.90z and 8oz bottles come with a fine mister.

750 ml bottles are great for refills.

Available in two different varietals: L. Intermedia (Grosso) and Angustifolia (Royal Velvet). 

100% Vegan