Lavender Mist

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Hydrosol and essential oil are produced during the process of steam-distillation. However, hydrosol and essential oil showcase different elements of the Lavender. Our hydrosol, has a scent that is earthier and slightly sweeter than its essential oil counterpart. Hydrosol is lauded by estheticians and naturalists for its unique water-based therapeutic properties

-Use the hydrosol as a facial spray to invigorate and hydrate skin before moisturizing. It contains natural antimicrobial, pH balancing and anti-inflammatory properties to keep your skin healthy and beautifully refreshed. Hydrosol is perfect for daily use and safe for all skin types.

-Use it to mist rooms and linens with a fresh, earthy relaxing scent.


Useful tips:  Hydrosol is not just for your facial care routine. Spray it on any part of your body right before you apply Lotion, Body Oil, or Salve to achieve deeper and longer lasting hydration.


During hot summer months, keep your bottle in the fridge for a refreshing pick-me-up. 


1.9oz and 8oz bottles come with a fine mister.

Angustifolia (Royal Velvet) Lavender is grown and distilled in Arizona at Rhumb Line Vineyard and Lavender Farm.

100% Vegan